Today : 12-07-2020


Background of the Innovation Hub

With the aim to materialize the vision 2041 of the government of Bangladesh through realization of poverty reduction and the Digital Bangladesh Vision-2021, access to information (a2i), the Public Service Innovation Lab+ was established by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to ensure easy, affordable and reliable access to quality services delivery to the public. Bangladesh, with the empirical assistance from UNDP and USAID, has been providing economical support across various ministries, divisions and agencies of the government to simplify government e-Service delivery.

Consequently, on the 14th November 2017 a ‘Vice-chancellors’ Conference’ was organised by the access to information a2i programme at the International Mother Language Institute in the capital and the government took initiatives to establish an innovation hub at every university under the a2i programme of the PMO. The main motto is to encourage teachers, students, researchers and general technology lovers in creative and innovative activities, to give recognition to those activities, provide necessary support in technology related researches and to confirm civil benefit through utilizing their innovations in national governmental services. The web platform of a2i innovation lab ( has already been established so that any innovator from any corner of the country can take step to implement his/her innovation.

In a pursuance of the concept paper of innovation hub related to the target of a2i programme of the PMO, an innovation hub has been established in Prime University on 04.12.2017 with the formation of an Advisory Panel, a Mentor Panel and an Executive Committee. A web-portal, namely, has been hosted to link up with the national web-portal of a2i innovation lab. It is hoped that through physical and virtual activities of the innovation lab established in Prime University, the students, teachers, faculty members, executives and staff members of the University will be encouraged in innovation and different workshops, conferences, researches, seminars, trainings, networking, funding can be run smoothly.